Contractor Members

IEC Contractor Members are AZ state certified electricians and benefit greatly from their partnerships with IEC.


IEC Contractor Members are certified electricians in the state of Arizona who want to achieve the following

  • Grow their business
  • Help the electrical industry grow
  • Ensure that quality work is the industry standard



IEC of Southern Arizona does a lot to help support our rapidly changing industry. Here is how we can help you…

  • Find and recruit potential apprentices for you. We also teach them while they work for you,
  • Business assistance such as legal advice, discounts, and a network of professionals.


These are only some of the major benefits that you can receive. If you need more convincing, then keep on reading but if you’re ready to apply, follow the link below for an application or click here

The electrical industry is changing and contractors can partner with us to take the changes head on.

Find Qualified Personnel

We recruit potential employees & apprentices for you to hire. Our apprenticeship program in class schooling that goes hand in hand with their apprenticeship experience. 

Competitive Bidding

Wage rates are published based on research. IEC’s apprenticeship program is certified for compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act.

Business Services

We offer legal advice by one of the leading local construction labor attorneys, discounts with national/local companies, safety manuals related to construction, a large network of professionals, and much more.

Additional Resources

We have a nationally developed magazine and quarterly released local newsletter, representation on state and city licensing & code boards, bi-weekly updates on current industry news.



We’re looking to make a difference long term in our industry. Here are the metrics we consider important to the electrical industry in Southern Arizona.

Increase Labor Force
Educate Future Electricians
Assist Local Businesses
Sustainability Percentage
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